5 ways to eat your food on time

Where did you eat your breakfast this morning? In the car? On the way to the train station? On your desk? This confusing program is usually done on the go, but new research suggests that this harmful habit can add a lot to your waistline.
A small study was conducted by researchers at the University of Surrey in the UK. They studied 60 women (those who were on a diet and those who were not on a diet). The subject of the study was eating a series of cereals in three different scenarios. “Friends”, walking down the hall and having a conversation with a friend. After that, the women completed the questionnaire and tried different foods (chocolate, hooch, grapes and chips) and wrote down how much they ate.
The result: People who ate whole grains while walking ate more than normal, which included eating five times more chocolate.
This is possible because walking causes a lot of distraction which negatively affects our appetite. Walking down the aisle may seem like an activity, and we may eat more as a reward for our walk.
Although walking has the greatest effect on our false appetite during the day, any distraction such as eating at the desk or while watching TV or computer can cause weight gain. When we focus completely on food We do not eat, we actually fall into the trap without thinking because we do not remember or do not recognize that we have eaten. My latest research shows that those who eat their meal with distraction, five They consume more calories than those who sit and eat away from work.

Five useful habits

Tune the alarm 10 minutes earlier
Do not eat any food on an outpatient basis when leaving the house. Breakfast should not take you extra time and waking up earlier gives you the chance to sit down and eat a nutritious breakfast before you want to go out.
Make time for lunch
You do not miss the sessions on your calendar, so treat your lunch schedule the same way. Put a 20 to 30 minute break in your calendar for lunch and keep the pen and pencil off your desk at lunch.
When you are away from the desk and busy at work, you most likely think it’s food, it’s lunch, and you remember it and it stays in your mind.
Prepare food on Friday
Make time on Fridays and plan for all the meals of the week and prepare the lunches so that they are ready to pick up and take to work. You can plan to sit back and enjoy your meal. You can have your home-cooked meal in the park near your office, in your restaurant or coffee shop, wherever you have enough focus on your eating. .

Short meal

Get up from your desk in the afternoon and enjoy a snack that can be nuts or fruit for five minutes. A short break will energize you and allow your brain to record what you ate. By doing this, you will not eat sweets and biscuits while walking to the meeting.
Turn off the TV
You may be tempted to turn on the TV or turn on your laptop, resisting this mental urge. Instead, sit at a table without any appliances, keeping an eye on food.