Healthy eating behind the desk

In today’s article on the Culinary Education website, we will first discuss the reasons why you should not eat at your desk, and then because many people have no other choice and have to eat their food behind their desk. Read more tips on how to eat healthy Wet is expressed in the workplace and behind the desk.

One of the biggest drawbacks of eating at the desk is that you can’t focus enough on the food you eat.

When you are busy sending e-mails, answering the phone, and sorting paper instead of focusing on the food you eat, you may overeat unintentionally. In fact, eating at your desk does not focus on the amount of food you eat.

When you are sitting at your desk, it is very likely that you will do several things together and not pay enough attention to the amount of food you eat. Eating at a desk actually means that instead of sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day, you are actually doing it for 9 hours a day.

Eating at your desk prevents you from getting up and moving away from your office or workplace, but you need some rest and movement to improve your heart pumping and blood flow.

Therefore, lunch time is very important and gives you the opportunity to experience this rest during the day. But if you stay at your desk, you will miss this opportunity.

Apart from these side effects, eating behind a desk provides a good place to grow bacteria and germs on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, if you are one of the people who get up in the middle of your meal due to work, and for example, you stay away from eating lunch for half an hour and come back again, and it takes a long time because your lunch is busy, then There are concerns about temperature and safety and the growth of germs in your food.

In other words, at room temperature, many foods can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

The dining table where food and snacks are eaten can be very contaminated, and in fact eating and eating behind the desk, especially when the desk is not cleaned regularly, can turn the table into a cafeteria for bacteria. Convert.

When you work with food, your phone, computer keyboard, mouse and all your tools will be infected. To test the contamination of your desk, turn the keyboard (keyboard) upside down after eating and see how much crumbs and crumbs come out of it. The more crumbs fall out, the more you contaminate your desk. You have been more successful.

If, despite all the above explanations, you still want to eat your food behind your desk and you really have no choice. Here are some tips for healthy eating behind the desk:

Keep an eye on the food container and the food you eat when eating, and when eating at the desk, pay attention to the food you put in your mouth and do not let it be more because it focuses on an email or a work item. Eat too much. For lunch, you should eat a balanced meal, but not to the extent that you feel too full and lethargic after eating.

Bring your own lunch from home and avoid high-calorie and fast foods. In fact, lunch is a good opportunity to eat healthy foods, so bring healthy and light foods and salads (such as chicken and vegetable salads), nuts, and so on. If you bring healthy foods with vegetables, you will get important nutrients such as protein and fiber. Avoid expensive, high-volume, high-calorie, high-fat lunches that are low in nutrients. To keep food safe, use food containers that keep food cool to carry food, then transfer it to the refrigerator at your workplace, and do not allow your food to be refrigerated for more than 2 hours.

Take a walk whenever you have the chance. We are genetically created to move, not to stand still, so eating behind a desk where you have a long day like this is not a good idea. If you have to eat at your desk, look for ways to move around the rest of your day. Try to take a short walk on the way home. It is best to take a short walk and exercise to avoid a sedentary lifestyle when waking up or at the end of the day.

Clean and disinfect your desk. It is enough to clean your desk once a day with disinfectants. Cleaning the table with a paper towel alone is of little use and is not effective in removing dirt. Make sure your phone, computer, mouse, and keyboard are clean, and avoid touching them while eating. Also, to prevent contamination of your food, keep your hands clean and wash your hands before eating, and always have a hand sanitizer in your work drawer.

You can use a small cover or tablecloth when eating on your desk, which will be a barrier between germs and your food.

Eat with a friend or co-worker to give yourself a chance to relax and rejuvenate and interact with co-workers.

Do not make eating at your desk a habit. Sometimes it is possible for you not to eat your food behind your desk, but because it has become a habit, you inadvertently eat behind the desk (sometimes even in your own home!) And this misbehavior becomes one of your daily habits. So whenever possible you should have your food in a more relaxed and comfortable place.