Properties of spinach

Medicinal properties:
Spinach leaves are a little cold in terms of ancient Iranian medicine, and some believe that it is balanced, meaning that it is neither cold nor hot.
1) Spinach leaves Properties of vegetables – Properties of fruits Vegetables and health – Rich in vitamins A, B3, C and iron and potassium.
2) Alkalizes the body.
3) It is cooling and is useful for lowering fever.
4) Eliminates small bowel inflammation.
5) It is useful for pneumonia.
6) It is laxative and relieves constipation.
7) to be thin and lightweight, the useful.
8) Spinach accelerates digestion due to a substance called spinacin. This substance irritates the stomach and increases its secretions.
9) Eating spinach is effective in quenching thirst.
10) It is useful to eliminate swelling and sore throat.
11) To relieve dry cough, peel spinach leaves with barley and cook and eat almond oil.
12) Spinach soup with coriander is useful for headaches caused by indigestion and gastrointestinal disorders.
13) If you eat spinach soup with lemon juice and sumac or better water , it will relieve headaches caused by gallbladder disorders.
14) Eating spinach prevents cancer , especially in people who drink alcohol and smoke .
15. Research by scientists has shown that spinach is effective in preventing cancers of the colon , stomach , prostate , larynx and uterus .
16) Spinach lowers blood cholesterol.
17) It is the best medicine for those who suffer from anemia .
18) Spinach cleans the colon like a broom.
19) Increases gastric lozenge secretion.
20) Asfnah herbs useful for strengthening the nerves.
21) Treats rheumatism and gout.
22) To increase the milk is effective in breast feeding.
23) used a tincture of spinach was produced in the treatment of blood planning and anemia than it used to be.
24) Spinach seeds are laxative and cooling.
25) Seeds of spinach to relieve the swelling of the liver and jaundice is useful.
26) Spinach increases the number of red blood cells.
27) Spinach because it contains chlorophyll stimulates the intestinal muscles and facilitates bowel movements.
28) If a person suffers from urinary incontinence, which means urinary retention, he can treat this discomfort by mixing half a cup of spinach juice. Mix the same amount of almond oil or olive oil and fry.
29) Add spinach to your salad and enjoy.