Recipe for cooking olive salad in the shape of carrots

This beautiful and exceptional olive salad with bread is a good idea for birthdays and evening parties.

Raw materials (for 3 people):

  • Flour as needed
  • Half a glass of milk
  • Yeast dough 1 tbsp
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • Half a tablespoon of sugar
  • Half a glass of lukewarm water
  • Oil a third of a glass

How to prepare olive bread dough with carrot bread:

You can also use this funnel-shaped dough for pizza or olive salad and chicken salad.

1. Mix the dough and sugar and add lukewarm water and put the lid on the dish and let it stay in a warm and dark place like a cabinet for 10 minutes to work.

2. Heat the milk a little and mix it with oil and activated yeast, then mix and sift the flour and salt and add it to the mixture.

3. Add the flour until the dough does not stick to the hands and knead well and put a cloth or cellophane on the dough. Leave in a warm place for 2 hours to double the volume of the dough.

4. After the dough, take small balls and make them into long strips. Grease the funnel a little and wrap the strips around it (do not wrap until the top of the funnel).

طرز تهیه سالاد الویه به شکل هویج

طرز تهیه سالاد الویه به شکل هویج

5. Next, we put egg yolk on the doughs. You can also use brewed saffron. That way you have more delicious breads.

طرز تهیه سالاد الویه به شکل هویج

6. Place the funnels in a preheated oven to cook at 170 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes. Place the funnels upright in the oven tray.

7. After cooking and cooling, pour the prepared olive salad into the funnel and garnish with radish leaves, lettuce or broccoli.

طرز تهیه سالاد الویه به شکل هویج

طرز تهیه سالاد الویه به شکل هویج

Tips for preparing this olive salad

1) Dear friends, if a special funnel is not available, you can make a funnel using aluminum foil (it is better if it is thick). It is better to fill the inside of the funnels with foil, because it will not be recessed when rolling the dough.

2) If you do not have the time or patience to make dough, you can use ready-made pizza dough powder.

3) After making the olive salad dough, it is better to wrap it in funnels, put the funnels in the oven tray and cover it with nylon and put it in a warm place to make the dough. You will have softer and softer carrots.