The secret to staying lean by eating pasta

Pasta is found in most diets . This string is made of semolina wheat dough. Most dieters avoid eating pasta like the plague because it is fattening. More precisely, pasta can cause weight gain, as can any carbohydrate-based food. However, there are several ways to enjoy your pasta dish and stay in shape.

Weight loss with pasta: Is it possible?

Yes! It is quite possible to lose a few pounds by eating pasta. The key is to choose pasta made from pure wheat flour, not processed flour. Pasta made from whole grains is late-roasted. This pasta also contains fiber that keeps you full for a long time.

Choose pure wheat pasta

A glass of whole wheat pasta contains six grams of fiber, which provides 25% of your daily fiber. Each pasta has about 2.5 grams of fiber. By choosing pasta with whole wheat, you will get fewer calories than regular pasta.

Consumption control

It is very difficult to determine how much pasta to eat per day, but if you are thinking of losing weight, keep a balanced diet. Excessive consumption of pasta can cause weight gain, especially if processed with flour. If you are trying to lose weight, we recommend that you limit your meal to a glass and a half of whole wheat pasta. This amount of pasta has about 100 to 200 calories.


Your cooking style can affect the calorie content of pasta. Pasta has a low glycemic index. GL is the amount of sugar in foods. GLC should be less than 55, while the average is 56. GL70 or higher is a concern.

Low food jelly helps to lose weight by keeping blood sugar levels stable. Excessive desire to eat is caused by low blood sugar levels. This happens when you eat something sweet, causing your glucose levels to rise dramatically. When your blood sugar level rises sharply, your eyes and heart become full from eating. But if your blood sugar level drops, you become more greedy for sweets. Your lack of satiety and greed will lead to repetitive eating disorders. Eventually it will inevitably lead to overweight.

So how does JL relate to the cooking method? Cooking pure wheat pasta that is still slightly firm keeps the JL level at 38, which is very low. But cooking the same serving of pasta for more than 20 minutes increases the JL to 64.

Choose the sauce

Plain pasta is not fattening as long as you combine it with a high-calorie sauce. Creamy sauce is high in calories, instead the tomato-based sauce is the opposite. Alfredo sauce, for example, contains 98 calories and 6 grams of fat, while marinara sauce has only 29 calories and no fat. This way, you will not consume too many calories through the selected sauces, which you pour on your plate of pasta.

Strengthen the promise of pasta

We do not mean to increase your meal, but increase the average meal of your pasta with raw or cooked vegetables. By filling the pasta’s volume, the plate looks filling. This is because vegetables are high in fiber and essential nutrients. Along with pasta, vegetables with their volume-giving properties make the meal more pleasant.