Which type of cookware is healthier?

The best kind of cookware

Housewives know better! When it comes to buying pots and pans, sellers put all kinds of dishes of different kinds in front of our eyes and begin to define their boundless goodness! Which to believe and which dish to buy to stay healthy and our food to be cooked best is a very difficult but possible decision. Just follow the advice of our experts in this field and choose your cooking utensils according to the standards that we share with you. Dr. Mohammad Reza Vafa, Dr. Masoud Kimiagar, your nutritionists will guide you in this field.

As long as you do not get hurt! Teflon and ceramics:

If Teflon is healthy and made of quality materials, the possibility of metal salts entering the food is very low. In fact, when food is cooked continuously in traditional dishes, some of the metal of the dish gradually enters the food and frequent consumption of food in these dishes increases the possibility of poisoning or interference in the absorption of other nutrients. Prevents food from coming into contact with the metal of the container and reduces the possibility of metal ions migrating into the feed. However, when these containers are used frequently, the chemical composition of Teflon loses its quality. As a result, scratches and damage may cause chemicals to peel off the bottom of the container and enter the food. The use of damaged Teflon containers is very dangerous because excessive consumption of these chemical compounds can be carcinogenic. Regarding ceramic dishes, it should be said that the compounds in the glaze of these dishes are chemical and if they are damaged or scratched, like Teflon dishes, they can be dangerous. Traditional Teflon dishes were the same as glazed earthenware, and if this glaze is healthy, it will not cause any problems.

Not so convenient choices! Surface, copper and iron:

The main problem with traditional tableware, copper and iron is that repeated consumption of food in them can easily cause the migration of salts into the food, which is very dangerous for the human body; Especially for pregnant women, children and the elderly. Although it is a nutrient needed by the body, consuming too much of it or other metals such as copper and iron as a toxin can cause serious problems for vital organs such as the liver. As a result, people who cook in these dishes for a long time are at risk of poisoning with these salts.

Durable and at the same time healthy cast iron and stone

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and several other metals and therefore has a much higher resistance than individual metals, so it can be very suitable for cooking because metal salts are much less likely to enter the food. Stone dishes are also one of the healthiest options for cooking. Some rocks have metal minerals, but the amount of these minerals is very small.

The healthiest dishes for cooking Pyrex and steel

It can be said that Pyrex is the healthiest dish for preparing and cooking food. These dishes no longer have the problem of salts entering the food and do not pose a health problem. Of course, not every food can be cooked in Pyrex dishes. In fact, these dishes are the best choice for use in food heaters such as ovens and microwaves. Stainless steel dishes, like Pyrex, are among the best choices, except that they can not be placed in the microwave.

Cooking in brass utensils is not useful!

Due to the separation of the materials used in Teflon containers and their entry into food, Teflons are mostly not suitable containers for cooking. Of course, some people say that because these substances are not absorbed and do not enter the circulatory system, they are not harmful, so such an issue requires more work and study. The use of copper utensils is also obsolete. On the other hand, aluminum and steel containers are a good choice. The difference between them is in the way they transfer heat. It has recently been suggested that cooking in brass utensils is especially beneficial for children if this is not the case and we do not know how much alloy enters the child’s body. It is better to provide the body with the necessary nutrients through healthy and nutritious foods because we do not want substances to enter the body through the container.

Danger of non-standard glazed dishes

Enamel coatings are usually applied to ceramic or cast iron containers. If glazed containers are not prepared under standard conditions, they may contain toxic compounds such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, and chemical color pigments. The use of non-standard enamelware is harmful to health and can cause dementia, depression and some other long-term poisoning. Note that wire should not be used when washing enamelled dishes, and if these dishes are cracked, they should be avoided and even used to store food. Yellow glazed dishes that were used in the past are the best type of dishes for cooking and storing food.

Copper utensils should not be used constantly

Copper utensils contain tin, and the improper use of these utensils increases this substance in food and harms human health, so these utensils should not be used constantly. Some people believe that using these containers provides the body with the copper it needs, but this thinking is wrong because there is enough copper in the food and there is no need to use these containers to supply the body with this substance. The tin layer of such dishes may also peel off and enter the food during use or washing of copper utensils. Although these dishes are very suitable for conducting heat and have been used for cooking since ancient times, but in the case of the formation of copper oxide or copper rust, which is a yellowish substance with a very toxic composition, their use is harmful to the health of the body.

Do not store food in cast iron containers

It is very important to use different utensils for cooking, and people who care about the quality and taste of the food should also pay attention to the quality of the dish in which the food is prepared. The material of the dish and its cover affect the heat dissipation and cooking speed. Cast iron, which is a combination of iron and carbon, has a long life. These dishes are suitable for long cooking at medium temperatures and if they do not contain aluminum, they are suitable for cooking. Before buying cast iron utensils, be sure to pay attention to the label and the ingredients in it. Before using these dishes, you should put them on the heat for a few minutes to warm them up. To make sure the pan is warm enough, you can pour drops of water into it, and if it evaporates quickly, it means the pan is hot. Use a cloud to wash the cast iron, as the dishwasher wire will scratch and damage it. After cooking, remove the food from the cast iron pans so that it does not oxidize. Also, do not pour acidic substances such as lemon juice or tomato sauce into uncoated cast iron dishes.